About this site

The site has been around, in some form or another, since 2000. Over the years many good folks have developed, designed and maintained the many variations of the site, providing information to locals and visitors alike. In keeping with the strong community spirit of Clunes all this effort has been made free of charge. The latest version of this site is intended to to be our expression of our town to the rest of the world. Any member of our community can register and publish to the site. Business owners are welcome to publish their information to the business directory, club and committee members can publish their information as well. Writers write articles, photographers and artists create image galleries, individuals create blog entries and so on. Because there are so many folks creating content it is important for visitors to the site to understand that views expressed are those of the individual content creator, and not necessarily held by administrators, owners, or other members.

What's with those fake vintage advertisements?

As you may have realised by now Clunes is rich in history and heritage, so we felt the site should reflect a bit of that in it's design and layout. It's not easy to create an historical web site but the way we went about it was to consider what would have passed for a web site in the 19th century. Newspapers were, of course, the natural resolution, particularly the Clunes Gazette which was published during the gold rush era when Clunes was a bustling hub of activity. Thankfully the Clunes Museum has a good store of old editions and were happy to let us scan a few. All of the quirky fake advertisements and dividers on the site were first published in the Clunes Gazette from the late 19th century to early 20th century.


As mentioned earlier this site, and it's predecessors, are the result of hard working volunteers and folks who have supplied professional assistance. Understandably, the number of people to be thanked are too many to list here, but here are few we would like to thank for their recent efforts.

  • Tad Kozdra - The man with the vision to register and create the site back in 2000, without him this site would not exist.
  • NeighbourHood House - For tirelessly maintaining and updating the previous version of this site.
  • Clunes Museum - Who provided the inspirational Clunes Gazette and historical information.
  • Neil Newitt Photography - For the professional and beautiful images used throughout the site.
  • Jonathon Wallen - Who coded away late into the night to bring this latest version into life.

To the many others who didn't get a personal mention, you know who you are and thank you.

Coming up!

No good website is a done deal and is no exception. The site is an ongoing beast with tons of new features planned for the near future, including -

  • Event Calendar - A dynamic graphical calendar allowing visitors to easily see which months have the most activity. Members will be able to enter activities to the calendar.
  • Genealogy Section - A whole new section of the site devoted to genealogy interests. Many visitors to the site are researching ancestry and looking for information on particular names. The new section will provide a searchable database of all the names in the Clunes cemetery. Additionally, visitors will be able to post request notes to the site asking for information from other visitors. People responding to the request will have the option of privately messaging the person or leaving a public response on the site for others to see.
  • YouTube videos - Will be integrated with the gallery so members who post video to YouTube will be able to embed their videos in the galleries.
  • Custom business advertisements - Business owners will be able to create their own classified ads using an interface that allows them to customize how their ad looks from a library of templates. Business owners will also be able to upload images to complement their listings and create dedicated pages on the site specific to their business. The same features may also be provided to Club and Committee members.
  • Search engine - Embedded site wide search allowing visitors to scan through all articles, pages, galleries for keyword phrases. The search will be intelligent enough to recognise spelling errors.

If you have any technical queries, or suggestions, related to this site please email the webmaster

Quick Facts
Water RestrictionsStage 1
Median House Price$166,000
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